• May 22nd-23rd, 2015
  • In Chicago, Illinois
  • #LFEconvention


Message from the Events Coordinator

Dear Brothers,

We are very excited to bring you Convention XXV. As always, we have put forth a significant effort to make this convention a memorable learning experience for everyone. We hope that you will take full advantage of the workshops and speakers that we have invited to present at our convention this year. This convention will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and motivation you need to become a more effective leader. Thank you all for your continued support.

Ramon Qiu
Events Coordinator, 2013-14
Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc.

Message from the Expansion Chairman

My Fellow Lambdas,

First and foremost, allow me to welcome you to the Lambda Phi Epsilon International Convention XXV. Every year we gather together in a weekend that will bond us, unite us, and re-focus us towards what truly matters. Every year we gather together and we educate, we inspire, and we push ourselves to be even better than before. Every year we gather together and celebrate brotherhood, passion, and a chance to light our fire that resides within. It is with this hope that I wish you all a memorable, safe, and impactful weekend as we commemorate yet another successful year for our Fraternity.

Christopher Chen
Expansion Chairman, 2012-14
Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc.

Convention XXV Theme: Search. Find. Ignite.

Convention XXV’s theme is: Search. Find. Ignite. Brothers, it is time to figure out who we are. For far too long as an organization, we have lacked true purpose. A true identity. A true reason – why? Why do we, Lambda Phi Epsilon, exist? How many of us can answer this question with conviction, if at all? How many responses will be the same, how many will differ? Let us find out together. Let us explore our origins and where we stand as a fraternity. We must, without a doubt, know why we do what we do. How can we possibly succeed if we don’t know even know why we are doing it? In this sense, it is of utmost importance that we determine what our reason is. Only then will we be able to push forward and make this brotherhood, our brotherhood, the best it can possibly be.

Make the most out of your visit!


Day Time Event Location Audience
Fri, May 23rd 12-7 pm Registration Hotel Lobby Actives, Alumni, Guests
Fri, May 23rd 5-6 pm * President's Meeting Cypress 1, 2 Representatives Only
Fri, May 23rd 6-7 pm Brotherhood Showcase Palms C, D Actives, Alumni
Fri, May 23rd 7-11 pm Service Mixer with αΚΔΦ Off Site Actives, Alumni
Sat, May 24th 7-8 am Late Registration Hotel Lobby Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sat, May 24th 7-10 am Breakfast Dining Area Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sat, May 24th 8–12 pm * General Meeting Palms C, D Actives, Alumni
Sat, May 24th 1-5 pm Leadership Summit Workshops See Workshop Info Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sun, May 25th 7-10 am Breakfast Dining Area Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sun, May 25th 11-12 pm Prayers and Sharing: It's Hard Being a Lambda Magnolia A, B, C Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sun, May 25th 9-12 pm Basketball Tournament Off Site Actives, Alumni, Guests
Sun, May 25th 1-5 pm Expansion Meeting Magnolia A, B, C Actives, Alumni
Sun, May 25th 6-10 pm * Banquet Ceremony Palms A, B, C, D Actives, Alumni, Guests

* Professional business attire required.

City Year

Series: Phired Up!
Location: Palms C and D
1-2 pm: Social Excellence
2-3 pm: How to Grow Your Fraternity
3-4 pm: Retaining Socially Excellent Members
4-5 pm: How to Target Interested Men

We combine "ah ha" moments with "ha ha" moments to help Greeks grow their membership and influence through values-based relationships. We teach, coach, research, and write about how fraternities and sororities can recruit and retain more high quality people through a values-centered, research-based, relationship-focused approach. All of our services from research to coaching to training combine our years of experience to achieve one simple goal: grow fraternity and sorority life.

City Year

Presenter: Tina VanSteenbergen
Tina VanSteenbergen is an Organizational Growth Expert for Phired Up Productions. Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Tina attended Hamline University for her undergraduate degree in education. She learned quickly that her passion for teaching connected well to her excitement for the college experience and moved to Illinois to work towards her masters degree in college student development from Illinois State University. It was there she discovered the true power of fraternity and sorority to change the lives of others and to help make the world a better place. After working for her national headquarters for two years, Tina joined the Phired Up team to fulfill our collective passion: to help you find higher quantities of higher quality people into your fraternity. membership and influence through values-based relationships.

City Year

Series: Universe 101—Learn, Grow, Evolve
Location: Cypress 1
1-2 pm: How to Win at Life
2-3 pm: How to Network, Find Mentors, and Succeed

Do you know how to truly understand yourself? Learn how to realign yourself, understand positive ways of thinking, and stop tripping yourself up with negativity. You will find out how to learn from past mistakes and let them go, so that you no longer identify with them. Choose to take these keys of wisdom and open the door to health, happiness, and fulfilment!

City Year

Bio: Monica Ortiz
A prominent life coach and author, Monica transforms the lives of thousands of people on their path to help them achieve their goals. In addition to making appearances on talk shows and radio shows, she lectures across America at venues such as Stanford University. After 20 years of one-on-one coaching, Monica decided it was time to spread her philosophy to others in a larger capacity and founded The Universe Series. The organization is dedicated to making global changes through empowered living. Her work aims to revolutionize the self-help industry and teach people how to address their concerns for the long term and in a holistic way.

City Year

Series: Lambda Man Training
Location: Cypress 2
1-3 pm: Would the Real LAMBDA Man Please Stand Up?

This seminar will explore the deepest wounds our brothers individually face (“Real”), brothers will come to appreciate that we cannot heal our wounds with power, money and status as suggested to us by popular culture’s image of a man (“Man”), and brothers will come to realize that a Lambda Man’s quest for authentic manhood is achieved only by developing a noble purpose for his life (“Lambda”), healing another person (“Stand-Up”), and in turn healing himself.

City Year

Presenter: Jason Louie
Jason Louie is the longest continuing volunteer in Lambda Phi Epsilon history. His tenure with the National started in 1992 and lead to his: writing the LFE Constitution; incorporating the Fraternity into nonprofit status; passing the first set of nationwide rules and regulations; initial establishment of Fraternity on the East Coast; serving as the first two time national president of LFE; and defending the Fraternity in multiple lawsuits. His latest efforts to help the Fraternity are focused on pivoting the culture of LFE to one built upon the lifetime development of men.

City Year

Series: How to Make an Impact
Location: Cypress 1
3-4 pm: Workshop

In the past few years, we have seen an explosive growth in our fraternity and in our sphere of influence. It is important that we take advantage of these changes in order to make a positive difference in the world around us. This workshop aims to address: (1) how we find philanthropy that we share a similar noble purpose; (2) how we find philanthropy that is as invested in our growth as we are in its success; and (3) how we fulfill our oath of encouraging personal growth, increasing Asian awareness, and aiding in each other’s quests in achieving our fullest potential.

Karlin Tribune

Presenter: Jimmy Xie
Jimmy Xie is a brother from Tau Chapter at Penn State University. During his time as an active member from 2006-2010, Jimmy served in numerous leadership positions including Step Master, Rush Chair, VP Social, and President. As an alumnus, he strives to embody the same dedication and commitment he learned from the fraternity to his personal life and professional career. Currently working in the media industry, and volunteering for many non-profit organizations, Jimmy aims to help the fraternity foster a greater sense of social responsibility, ultimately allowing brothers to enjoy more meaningful life experiences.

City Year

Series: City Year
Location: Cypress 1
4-5 pm: Finding Your Leadership Compass

One key to effective leadership is to be flexible in your work style and receptive to others whose styles differ from your own. Like a directional compass, the Leadership Compass has four directions, or ways in which people approach work. Many of us work in all of the directions at different times. Many of us have a resting place where we tend to be most comfortable. It is important for participants to know their preferred leadership style and to be able to communicate and work with people with other styles.

Karlin Tribune

Presenter: Karlin Tribune
Karlin Tribune devotes his life to City Year. He recruits volunteers to show his passion for social change and the commitment he has for a better future for America's youth. City Year is a proud member of the AmeriCorps network. Since City Year's founding in 1988, our more than 18,000 corps members have served more than 26 million hours. AmeriCorps places young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship. Our unique, intentional culture and values powers our impact in schools and provides an immersive context for developing leaders.

City Year

Series: Craft Beer Basics
Location: Cyprus 2
5-7 pm: Craft Beer Basics

It is an exciting time in the craft/local beer industry! Learn about safe consumption, beer history, beer styles and opportunities in the market. Many refer to the phenomenon of beer flavor and diversity as the “growth of craft beer” or “the culture of better beer.” Craft brewers and craft beer enthusiasts have been and continue to be pioneers in developing a world that contributes to the pleasure of our everyday life, in more ways than beer.

City Year

Bio: Matthew Chan
Matthew currently works as a craft brand manager for Silver Eagle Distributors in Houston, Texas. In this capacity, he manages all American craft brands in the Silver Eagle portfolio. Additionally, his is licensed as a Cicerone (Level 1) Certified Beer Pourer and a Court of Master Sommelier (Level 1). Mattew graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's degree in finance and a minor in accounting. He went on to pursue his Master's in hotel and restaurant management at the University of Houston.

Brotherhood Basketball Tournament Brotherhood Basketball Tournament

Come take part in our annual brotherhood basketball tournament! The tournament will be played on a single-elimination bracket. Teams must have a minimum of five players. Each chapter can only register a maximum of one team. The tournament winners will be recognized with a commemorative trophy at the Banquet Ceremony.

Register now!
Brotherhood Showcase Brotherhood Showcase

How does your chapter demonstrate unity through brotherhood? The annual showcase is your chapter's chance to perform on center stage, whether it be a step, stroll, dance, or other routine. The chapter with the winning performance wins the Keight for the year! Registrants may even receive discounted registration.

Register now!
Chapter of the Year - University of Washington, Alpha Zeta Chapter

Celebrate a successful year by getting recognized for your work.

Apply for Chapter of the Year!
Chapter Recognition

Message your regional governor to learn how to appy for annual awards (both on the chapter and individual level) conferred at the Banquet Ceremony of Convention XXV.

Chapter Awards
  • Outstanding Chapter of the Year
  • Chapter of the Year: Philanthropic Excellence
  • Chapter of the Year: Academic Achievement
  • Brotherhood Showcase Champion (Sword)
  • Brotherhood Basketball Tournament Champion (Trophy)
  • Chapter Promotion Announcements
Individual Awards
  • Lambda of the Year Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Rising Leader Among Men Scholarship
  • Jack Phoummarath Memorial Scholarship
  • Incoming and Outgoing International Board Recognition

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Embassy Suites Hotel
Sheraton Hotel
  • 3.5 miles from the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks
  • Complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast and Evening Reception
  • Complimentary scheduled shuttle to Orlando Premium Outlets and Factory Stores
  • 40,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting and pre-function spaces
  • Fitness center and outdoor swimming pool

Book discounted group rate of $XXX/night!
Blueprint of Hotel
Map of Directions
Directions from airport to hotel
  1. Starting at Orlando International Airport (1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827), get on FL-417 Toll S from Jeff Fuqua Blvd (5.1 mi / 7 min)
  2. Follow FL-417 Toll S to World Center Dr. and take exit 6 from FL-417 Toll S (10.9 mi / 10 min)
  3. Take FL-535 S/Kissimmee Vineland Rd S to Kyngs Heath Rd in Osceola County (2.6 mi / 5 min)
  4. Slight left onto World Center Dr (0.6 mi) and then turn left onto FL-535 S/Kissimmee Vineland Rd S (1.9 mi)
  5. Turn right onto Kyngs Heath Rd and destination will be on the right (289 ft)
  6. Embassy Suites Orlando - Lake Buena Vista South (4955 Kyngs Heath Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746)
$28 roundtrip discount shuttle

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Lambda Apparel

Lambda Apparel was founded by Gary "Flanders" Phan and Johnny "Squirtle" Tieu, two bros from UTDallas, Alpha Omicron Chapter. They are the official designer of our 2015 Lambda Phi Epsilon Convention shirt.


Synergos offers full-management support to organizations in their efforts to advance their primary purpose. They strive to provide upgraded efficiency, unparalleled resources, and uncompromised accountability.

Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup was founded nearly three decades ago on the principles of exceptional value, quality, and service. Today, it remains one of the largest Vietnamese fast-casual dining chain in the world.

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International President
president @ lambdaphiepsilon . org

Christopher Chen
International Expansion Chairman
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Ramon Qiu
International Events Coordinator
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International Webmaster
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